segunda-feira, 13 de agosto de 2007


Pretty tired after a loooong day of shopping! I think I shouldn't have gone... Now my foot is painful. Well, It was pretty good even I didn't find the jeans I wanted! Really need to buy one before going back to Brazil... they're so expensive there...

Emotionally, I'm feeling better. The Lord is speaking to me a lot through Joyce's book. I strongly recommend it. However, it's been kind of difficult to set aside a time of quality with the Lord during my day. It always happen when I'm on vacations! Have to change it!

This week we're moving to Massachusetts and I do need to overcome my traumas and make a lot of phone calls... I have to cancel the internet service, cable, phone, power... I just freak out when I imagine it! uuuuh! Lord, please, give me strength and boldness to fear not!

I dreamt I was in Brazil again with Andreia and Sarah. I cried a lot saying - No, I didn't want to come back now... I still need a couple of week in the States! hahahahaah... Thank God when I woke up I realized I was here!!! hahaahahahaha... funny and weird... I know my back trip is just around the corner and I'd like to stay more, but I don't feel very bad about going back to Brazil... just a little bit! hahahahahahaha

I went to Gateway church on Sunday and it was so awesome! How those people are blessed and anointed! I really love to go there and worship with freedom! No religiosity! Pretty good! We drove Maria there (my teacher-student) and she was tremendously touched and received a prophetic word. It's quite incredible how they give the Lord complete freedom to act in the prophetic... amazing! People are also lovely, simple and receptive - even it's a big "church".

I'm waiting for a breakthrough in all areas of my life. I do want to learn how to seek it. Sometimes I feel cold, empty, far from the Lord, but most of times I really feel like serving him with all of my heart and letting him flow rivers of living waters in my life!! Whoooo!! I want it!

Whoever that reads it can feel totally free to correct me. I just felt like writing in english... hum...

Thanks for you comment Thais! I really appreciate your reading.

Missing brazilian food - eu quero sojaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Ai ai ai ai

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